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Hello my name is Claire,

you can find me as XwildshadowX on wattpad
and @wild_bout_styles on instagram.

Sunny is a liar and stole my friend dessertqueen's story off of wattpad REPORT HER!!

  • XwildshadowX
    This story is copied from wattpad.com from dessertqueen. I am dessertqueens brst friend and I showed her wattpad she copied this because i helped dessertqueen write this story Sunny is lying this story is not hers and she needs to admit it. It breaks my heart dessertqueens real name is Christine and that is why she named her charachter that. This story is dessertqueens not Sunnis please go k. Wattpad to see what I say is true.y name on wattpad is XwildshadowX.
    I get adopted by One Direction
    I get adopted by...
    When Christine Hawkins finds out that she won a foster care contest to live witha celebrity, she is MAD! She doesn't want charity or to be stuck witha guy fostering her for a year. Then shes get chosen...
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