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  • My first love .
    My first love .
    by xSWONG
  • xSWONG

    mumbled "You took a part of me ."

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    When you left, you took a part of me , know that. Just because we don't talk , i never stopped thinking about you. Nobody has supported me on that . Everyone's been telling me to "move on".. It's easier said than done . What do you expect? You were my first love . Everything between us was just so real.. I miss everything about you.. I just miss it.. I hate seeing you walking with another girl, eveytime i see you my self esteem goes down because i never was good enough for you.. When is it time for me to move on? I know you have.. Why do i have to be the person who's holding on to something that has been suppose to let go for 2 years? it's been 2 damn years that i still miss you .. :/
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