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yoyoyo i'm mary and i like butts, teen wolf, and assassin's creed. sometimes i write, so i'll post those things here. they'll probably be swamped by the massive amounts of 1D fanfics though so i dunno if you guys will ever see it but oh well i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Hellooo e'rryone. c: I'm a new writer here on Movellas, and I've recently published the first chapter of my Journey fanfiction, Finding Paradise. I've asked a few friends of mine to read it and give me some constructive criticism on the piece, but I feel that their reviews are rather biased considering they ARE my friends, and thus they feel obligated to say nothing but nice things in order to make me feel better about my writing.

    So now I'm reaching out to my fellow authors and readers out there who are willing to review my story. I'm more than willing to return the favor if you would like for me to read through a few chapters of your writing and give you a few lines of constructive criticism! (: Thank you in advance.
    5 years ago
    i will do yours soon, ive added it to my list, i will leave a comment, but only if you could do mine? its only two chapters long and i would love it if you could drop a comment and like it! thanks:)
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