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Writing is life

Dancer, Diver, and Princess Klutz extraordinaire <3
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Biggest inspiration: J.K. Rowling

Writing Style: Really Conversational

"Conform by trying hard not to" xox

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    Whoa, um, hey guys :)
    I'm Tess (well, Tessa, but call me Tess or feel my rath) (I have no rath)
    Writing is life
    It's my coping mechanism. Dreams of being a famous fiction author
    Hope you guys like me: :D
    If not, I understand, not the writing style for you (mine is rather bizarre xD )
    So um, follow if you like me, tell your friends,
    Hope I won't always be writing to nobody
    ~Tess :* <3
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    Hey You! Yeah YOU!!! You better look after the account when I'm gone! Lolz... so how's life. Contact me... I've been living under a rock with social media updates. I've litteraly talken to no one execpt u and Philippe for 15 days. Gah! my life is boring....... gonna go add some crap onto a story, ttyl. ~Sara xoxo <3 :-*
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