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"I wish emotional bruises healed like physical ones."

αвσυt мσι:

Hello, I’m Aliah, I’m currently fourteen and a freshman in high school. I really don’t have a social life so I’m mainly at home making up fan fictions and dying over One Direction and Jake Miller. Feel free to message me, comment, or whatever floats ur boat cause I don’t really mind and love meeting new people. I like online friends better than actual friends because than I don’t feel obligated to look nice or some stupid shit like that. But if I’m not on the computer you can find me at the mall trying on clothes I never have money for or just at the library or curled up with my dog on the couch somewhere reading a book. Or you can find me on the streets begging for Taco Bell. I also like to fucking swear a lot.

ƒανσяιtє αяtιѕtѕ:

Jake Miller, One Direction, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Lorde, and Ed Sheeran.

¢υяяєηt ѕσηg σвѕєѕѕισηѕ:
Team, Lorde
400 Lux, Lorde
Honeymoon Avenue, Ariana Grande
Demons, Imagine Dragons
Collide, Jake Miller
Almost Lover, A Fine Frenzy

tнιηgѕ ι ℓιкє:

Food, nutella, shopping, music, writing, reading, my big foxhound Opie, my cat Pepper, salted caramel mochas, books, this one boyband, hibiscus flowers, Zoella, squats, Iced Passion Tea Lemonades, Taco Bell, volleyball, cheese danishes, singing, and anything pumpkin flavored.

ѕtuƒƒ ι нαtє:

bugs, extreme weather, exercise, P.E, chores, nuts, the fact that I’m single, having no money, my crappy phone, cramps/periods, the dress code my mom has, bitches, and pollen.

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