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"Maybe our favorite quotes say more about us than the stories and people we are quoting." - John Green

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    Unpredictable [Har...
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  • Anischa

    mumbled "New Story"

    3 weeks agoReply
    So after about 2.5 years of work and a lot of long breaks as well as a lot of doubt I have finally finished one of the stories I've worked on the most. It's called Change Me and it's been transformed into a Justin Bieber Fan Fiction. It can be found on my profile and I'll love you if you would check it out!
  • Anischa

    mumbled "New Stories"

    1 months agoReply
    Currently looking for new stories to read. Add them in the comments and I'll look at them and leave comments and so on.
    1 months ago
    Wolf LakeIn Mateo, Wyoming, there is more to the sleepy middle-of-nowhere town that fails to show up on even the most modern of GPS. Werewolves inhabit this unassum...

  • Anischa

    mumbled "Delay"

    7 months agoReply
    I'm so sorry about all the delay guys! I'm doing my very best to keep up with everything and unfortunately there's only 24 hours on a day and right now I could use a few more.
    My boyfriend recently had his birthday and I've been living with him in a suitcase for the past month or so. It's all really stressful to me but I am really trying my best to get some writing done all the time!

    I'm working on my story and it will be out as soon as I'm done!
  • Anischa

    mumbled "Through The Dark"

    8 months agoReply

    My next story is called through the dark and it will be uploaded very soon! Because you've been nice and calm while I've been gone I'm now finally revealing the cover for my next movella.

    Due to being in a bit of a crisis in my life I am not able to write a lot and I've therefore decided that I am going to almost finish or finish the story before it's uploaded and I'm about half way or so right now.

    I'll post mumbles about the story up until it is uploaded and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as you have enjoyed some of my other stories. I hope to be able to upload 2 chapters a day as soon as the story is done!
  • Anischa

    mumbled "writing a new story"

    8 months agoReply
    Hey everyone!
    I know I've been silent in here for a long time but that only means I'm working hard on a new story and it's almost ready to upload. I'm thinking it's only going to be another week or two before my next story comes up!
    So there's going to be a cover photo for it very soon!
    8 months ago
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    good to hear!
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