I deserve to live. I deserve to smile. I deserve to be happy and be proud of the person I am. So I decided to prove the people who were bringing me down, wrong, and started doing all the things everyone talked about doing. I travelled to London for a day to meet my idol. I stayed up all night partying with my idols. I made out with my idol. I promoted events for years and believed in the dreamers, because truly I'm a dreamer myself.

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    Story trouble

    So I've had a lot of trouble with my stories lately but I think I've found the perfect idea for a story, I just don't know who it should be about. I don't really feel like giving out too much but who would you prefer me writing my next story about?
    Yeah I could actually see that working with this story line :)
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    So ehm... I know I've been shit with updating but I just graduated and I have not been home since like Monday or something like that and it's almost 2.30 am here now. I'll update ASAP but I still have a lot of things to do this week but I will try and get some writing done when I get out of bed tomorrow!
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    How to be grateful

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    New story! TROUBLE

    So I finally got enough of the story written to post the first chapter and it's already up on the profile!
    My new story is called Trouble and is a Liam Payne fan fic.
    Please go read it <3
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    sorry I'm gone guys. Writing just haven't been the thing. I'm working on some different stories but I'd rather write something that's good and not upload for a long time than write all the time and write something that's shit.
    I'll come back with something when it's ready.
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