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I'm xJenJenx :)

'--./ / _.---.
'-, (__..-` \
\ . |
`,.__. ,__.--/

- It's a whale.
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So, about me? Well, I'm American!

I'm almost 14! Can't wait for it! I'm a complete horse lover, whatever you want to call it! I love to horse ride!

I LOVE FOOD. Yes, I will eat loads of things.... waffles, cakes, chocolate, pasta, bread.... the list goes on.

I'm super sarcastic! Like, all the time. Prepare for that if you want to talk to me!

I love horses<3, like I said. I fear I may have an unhealthy obsession.

I also love sweet corn, oranges, fries, and chocolate.<3

I'm a major pro for World Peace. I wish that everyone could just be chill and love each other. :D

So, now that you've gotten to know me, read! :D I'll love you forever (:
And let me know if you want me to look at a story of yours. I want to help give feedback as much as possible. <3

Hit me up!

Finally, if you want to read some good movellas, I'd check out IceCreamGirl. She's really good.
Also, Emilyy. I think her movella was recently published? She's amazing as well.
The Lia Cookie, too.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I like others too..so just check out my favorites if you wanna know some!

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