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  • xinyourheartx
    Please update
    "What the hell Sidney!" He yelled. "Why the fuck did you go home with him! And why are your clothes and hair disheveled! What'd you do with him!" I didn't reply I just looked down at me feet unable to...
  • xinyourheartx

    mumbled "hi guys"

    Hi I am new to movellas. ...

    You must have guessed I am xinyourheartx from watt pad

    Not many people know me but hi : P
    Enya Sanders☕️
    Hey and welcome to Movellas! The format is a bit different to Wattpad, but from my experience, here it's easier to navigate XD if you need any help or want anything reading, let me know! :)
    3 years ago
    Sure love!!!! What is your username on watt pad?
    Enya Sanders☕️
    Never got round to making an account in the end XD read a few stories on there though!
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