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NAME: Lacie ❤ LAST NAME: Styles ❤ AGE: Guess ❤ BAND: One Direction, Union J, Lifehouse and Little Mix ❤ SONG: Kiss You, Between The Raindrops and Over Again ❤ FEMALE ARTIST(S): Cher Lloyd, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé ❤ MALE ARTIST(S): Cody Simpson, Asher Monroe, Conner Maynard, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Hunter Hayes, and Rascal Flats ❤ COLOR: Hot pink, neon pink ❤ BOOK(S): I'll Survive With Louis Tomlinson, Bandnapped, Harry Styles Is Dating My Mom, The Rule etc ❤ BOYS(S): Harry S, Louis T, Liam P, Niall H, Zayn M, Conner M, Austin M, Justin B, Hunter, Cody S, Bradley P, and Asher M ❤ GOALS: To either become a singer, actress or both. To get lots of reads, votes, and fans on Wattpad ❤ Religion: Christian ❤



1) One Direction ❤ 2) Cher Lloyd ❤ 3) Karmin 4) Ed Sheeran ❤ 5) Life house ❤ 6) Justin bieber ❤ 7) Beyoncé 8) The wanted 9) Cody Simpson ❤ 10) Omg girlz 11) Jamie Grace ❤ 12) Austin Mahone ❤ 13) Rita Ora ❤ 14) Selena Gomez 14) Little Mix ❤ 15) Nicki Minaj 16) Austin Corrini ❤ 17) Demi Lavato 18) Union J ❤ 19) Jojo 20) Michael Jackson ❤ 21) Taylor Swift


"Live life for the moment 'cause everything else is uncertain" -Louis William Tomlinson<3 (What a wise boy(;) ❤

Remember, You Only Live Once (YOLO) ❤


If you read my stories thank you so much, and if you fan me I'll fan you back :D XX ❤

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