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    Titel: Can you save me?

    Forfatternavn: Xenia K.

    Resumé:3 years ago. 3 years ago my sister died. My one and everything. I loved her and I still do, and i always will.
    Ashley's sister died 3 years ago, and she never got over her. What will happen when she's the first one to find out her mother is dead in a car accident and she's storming into her dad's office to tell him, but doesn't see that he has a meeting?

    Kendt person på cover: Harry Styles og gerne en kvinde med brunt hår :-)

    Stemning: Depression

    Citat: Stars can't shine without darkness
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    Jeg prøver mig frem ;) Så hvis i vil ha' at cover, ja så prøv at bestil et her :)
    3 years ago
    Jeg er glad for at du kan lide dem xD
    Xenia K.
    3 years ago
    DET kan jeg! Jeg synes du skal blive ved med at lave covers, du er virkelig god til det :-)
    3 years ago
    Tak xD
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    Please update I think it's pretty good����
    Hi.i'm lilac.lilac Irwin.Im 17,a year younger then my brother Ashton.I am different.I have 1 blue eye and the other one is blue that has the bottom left just half brown and a little green.Not a mixture,just...
  • Xenia K.
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    I think it's really good.. Please continue!��
    Falling For The Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings AU)
    Falling For The...
    He kissed me hard. "I want you." He whispered against my lips. I kissed him back with just as much force. "So take me." I whispered.
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