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I just like to write. I've been a direction since 2011, never looked back. The boys happiness is everything. Don't ever mess with a fan girl.

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    i am going to beat the living hell out of Zayn..then petrie...then Zayn again. And maybe again becuas she deserves to have his as.s kicked for being stupid. i'm just no.
    Dark III || Z.M
    Dark III || Z.M
    Brook and Zayn have been through to much to go back now. Now Friends are Enemies, and the world is against them. With more murder, alcohol, and gangs, will it ever end? In this world can they really get...
  • Dreadfulmind

    mumbled "Update! Late Merry Christmas"

    Hi everyone I want to say sorry I haven't been on in a long time. Not even going to lie I forgot about this account I had, but don't worry. I the chapters of HIS written and ready for you all to read. once again, Merry Late Christmas
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