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    Where to even start with this. Seriously. This Is amazing Constifani, and I am literally hooked on every word.
    I love your poetic way of describing things, and how you can use your words as if they where pencils and colours, and create such vivid detail and imagery.
    What I also love about this is the fact that you COULD mistake Chrys for a 'moody teenager', if you are looking from an adults perspective. However the trouble with adults is that they think teenagers are stupid, however a lot of them are only depressed because they see the world for what it really is, and are still at that stage where they haven't managed to pretend it isn't happening like a lot of adults I know.
    chrys has the moon in her eyes, the sea in her tears and the sun in her smile, but all the adults see are the scars on her wrist and like that she is categorised as another 'moody teen'. I like the way she thinks, and although I have yet to see all her struggles and the development of her character, I'll be waiting with baited breath, this truly is amazing :) PLEASE update soon! <3
    Chrysanthemum George (otherwise known as Chrys) is drowning in a world of self-harm, suicide and dark thoughts. Recovery has never been her plan but when a new face arrives on the scene will Chrys have...
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