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- i flame coconuts
- i got bras in atlanta
- levis are lit
- grown ups can't hang


" i'mma fuck yo' bitch till' i pass out "

- my name's kim, daddy kay bitch ✨ i suck mangos and fried rice ☺️ korean shit is lit. candy and cotton candy ice cream is yummy af. tea is good af. vintage boi *~* i hate bubbly people and back-stabbing ass bitches. i wear my shades errday cuz i'm shady. pizza in the south sucks <.> trap music is my getaway. i like flaming bitches wit' phia. diego sucks too much dick.


- daddy cole ✨
- halsey ✨
- drizzy✨
- yt & lil yachty✨
- twenty one pilots✨
- marina & the diamonds ✨


✍ ; sophia, diego & lea, xen, kels, skye, lillian, maiya, sarah, kelli, ana, boogra, rhydian, emma, nina, dana, ari, chanty, kelsey, tori

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