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FOR THE SHIRE! "We are beautiful, in every single way, and words can't bring us down" Welcome Hobbits of the Shire, Men and Women of Bree, Rohan, Gondor or Dale, Elves of Rivendell, Lorien, Mirkwood or Valinor and Dwarves of Erebor, the Blue Mountains or Moria. I see you have found my profile page. As you may have guessed, I am (more than) a little Middle Earth obsessed. I'm also optimistic, friendly and slightly hyper. I use Movellas a lot so I'm usually on if you want to talk to me. I don't mind answering questions or talking to anyone. "Sorry if I'm not your idea of perfect, I am who I am and I'll never be anything else" My own quote I am a friendly sort so if you're sad I'll do my best to cheer you up- in fact I'll probably do my best to make you happy anyway. What I want to do on Movellas: -Improve my writing -Read some great stories -Make lots of friends -Reach 100 fans (which I have, thank you so much everyone!) Do you like Tolkien too? WE MUST BE FRIENDS!!! Haven't read him? You are missing out, so go read the Hobbit, its a good place to start. I'm being serious, you will not regret it. Or watch the movies. -How to become my friend: You look for the green button that has four words on it. The words are BECOME, FAN, OF, AUTHOR. You click it ONCE and do not touch it again. There, you are my friend! Now you get a shout-out as I say thank you on my blog and probably a fan back. Win-Win situation for the both of us! -I am a proud member of the Brotherhood, search for us in groups So to you today, I will put my hand on my heart, And say my oath to Movellas: I promise to stay, I promise to fight to the end. I will not be lead astray, I will stand by you my friend. To Movellas I will remain loyal, I will not fall to the uprising danger. We are the kind ... of Royal, Even with any stranger. We have not given in, And I never will. I will turn from this sin, And write with my electronic 'quill.' Here I am, about to fall apart, On my knees, hand on heart. I will fight to the bitter end, I will defend from this bloody war. Fight against this rising trend, So join me as I walk through this door A quote: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us" So, I will leave you with one last message: "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!".

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    mumbled "Yay Rallyness!"

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    OK, guys, listen up. I need you guys to bail like you've never bailed before.

    @[Raven711] had the awesome idea to replace some of the 1D tags with a new tag: #wondergeek. You can choose to put either or both of these tags on the tag part of your movellas.

    To make this successful, we're going to need as many people as we can get. And in order to do that, I'm going to spam people. Sorry in advance!

    @[Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight] @[Hanah J.] @[AlphabetSoup17] @[WishingforWinter] @[FunSizedAsian] @[Mirlotta] @[Prodigy] @[WritingForTheShire234] @[RDM Goldlight the slurg] @[TheNerdWriter]

    Spread the word! Go ahead and spam people you think I've missed in the comments!
    2 months ago
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    We're trying to get rid of some of the popular tags by introducing this new one.
    Hanah J.
    2 months ago
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    Hmm. I see. Coolio!
    raiarna m. the potterhead
    #wondergeek I've just realised for the first time WonderGeek is actually a Hagar which means enough people have used it for it to actually become a thing. 1 point to us now we just need it to become the most popular tag
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    mumbled "Ok here's the thing."

    I'm sick of all the crap that's going on here right now. People have become rude and disrespectful, and deluded. I have decided to leave. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I'm leaving my account up, but won't be active on the site. I might come back every now and then to see how things have gone. But I won't be commenting. Or liking or favouriting anything. maybe.... I'm going to miss every single one of you beautiful people. I've got some messages for the most prominent movellians in my life here.

    @[Mina Rowen ☕] You are my rival. We've been such goods friends from the beginning. I loved working on One Direction At Forty Thousand Feet with you and LMH and have enjoyed our conversations to the point I tried hard to start them. You are always fun to talk to, and your movellas are amazing. Especially Dragon Day, it deserves all those likes.

    @[LittleMsHollywood] You psychopath. I wasn't around for a lot of your hard ships here. But I still didn't like seeing you upset none the less. I forget how we became friends, but one thing, I will never forget you and your crazy mind. I will definitely miss you so much.

    @[WritingForTheShire234] I haven't seen you for a while, but I still enjoyed chatting about anything and everything. The council was fun to write, but it's a shame we never finished it. You keep mumble spamming girl! You are hilarious and couldn't possible be a better friend then you are. Your writing is fabulous, and I will be looking out for your name on books store shelves. Obviously it won't be WritingForTheShire, but none the less.

    @[FrogglyBoggly99] Roleplaying was fun with you at the Hogwarts. Even though you weren't in my house, you still found a way to involve yourself, rather then excluding yourself from the fun. Which is a quality I admire very much.

    @[IceCreamBoy] I haven't forgotten about our time in Hogwarts. Ben and Leo were such good friends, and I'm glad that we got to be friends as well. Could you please help Silver~ with the hunger games movella, I'm enstating you to my old status, I trust you won't disappoint.

    @BillieTheDragonOwl I don't think your on anymore, but if you do see this, thank you so much for creating that roleplay. It was the most fun I've had on this site.

    @EveryoneElse This experience has been the most demanding, but the most amazing thing I've ever participated in. Maybe One day you will see my books on the shelf of a book store, maybe I'll see your names. Only time will tell. But look out for the name
    Brody Skilton.

    I am going to miss all of you incredibly, this leaving could be a massive flop. But for now, I'm serious.
    Ooh wait I've got one more thing to say before I disappear.

    @[frogsical] don't you dare think that you're the reason for my departure. Because you aren't. If I find you've been giving any other movellians shit. Then I'll be back.

    If anyone ever wants to talk. Email me at: brody.skilton@education.nsw.gov.au

    To the well organised mind, death is but the next big adventure ~Albus Dumbledore

    5 months ago
    This is such a shame, Rusty.
    5 months ago
    I loved my little bit there
    5 months ago
    I won't disappoint you, Rusty. You are an amazing friend and whenever you choose to come back, I think- No. I KNOW that we will all welcome you back with open arms and smiles on our faces. I mean it when I say, I will never forget you no matter what. Good luck out there. :) I'm not gonna say 'goodbye', because it never is truly goodbye, is it?

    Anyway, Samantha heard about you leaving and would like to say something:
    Hai, Rusty. I know you probably don't know me, but I kinda feel like I know you. At least a little bit. I just wanna say that, ever since Tanner first showed me your profile, I've been hooked. I love your stories, your personality, everything about you. When he told me about this a couple minutes ago, I honestly couldn't believe it. Jeez, is it bad that I'm kinda crying right now? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that even if you can't see them, you have so many people who admire you. <3 So, um... Bye, I guess... <3
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