I enjoy writing and music. I now have a website for writers which includes interviews with some of the most popular movellians, competitions and more at oliverlambert.wordpress.com

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Best On Social Media 2012/2013

Silver Award in 'The BIG Poetry Competition'

Bronze Award in 'The Hidden Power Competition'

2 Poems placed in 'The Second Big Poetry Competition'

Winner of the Entranced Publishing Teen Blogger Contest.

Movellas (93)

  • Water's Journey

    Water's Journey

    28 Oct 13

    This is a poem I decided to write, inspired by this years poetry day theme, water. It tells the tale of water's journey,...    Read more

  • Quintessensual


    19 Aug 13

    So the official preview page is actually on my website at this short link --> http://wp.me/P3Mg6T-7Y But I wanted to make...    Read more

  • The Shalkyries

    The Shalkyries

    30 Jul 13

    'The city that never sleeps, soon to be the city that never wakes.' The Shalkyries have been living right under the nose...    Read more

  • The Red Lands

    The Red Lands

    11 Jul 13

    A story set in Egypt about a man, separated from his team, out in search of a long lost fortune. I draw inspiration from...    Read more

  • The Sun and the Sea

    The Sun and the Sea

    21 Jul 13

    This is a poem about the relationship the sun and sea have.    Read more

  • WriterManAmbass..

    Disney Medley

    Hey Guys,
    Long time no see! How is everyone? Still keeping up with the writing? I have been concentrating more on music of late. Do check out my youtube channel and my latest video if you have time. Your support over there, as it was here, would be hugely appreciated. Thanks :)

    If you have a youtube channel with some vids you want me to check out, do leave a link.
    Haha thanks Annie. Nice to see you too. Did you like the video?
    LV Snelson
    .-. ... you're better than me. Dammit.
    I've fully accomplished river flows in you Muse bliss. Sadly I don't upload.
    great piece. Why don't you upload?
    LV Snelson
    I don't have an account- plus, the only good songs I can play are airplanes and yeah, river flows in you.
    I'm more of a writer. My latest work piece is here- if you wanna check it out.
    Dauntless the braveJohn finds himself in what he believes to be a doctors surgery. But he later discovers that he is instead in an interrogation room. He then unearths...
  • WriterManAmbass..

    Great News

    Exciting Announcement! A new poetry anthology, by the young poet Ollie Lambert is in the pipeline! This time with double the amount of poems! Does it get much better than that? Spread the news! A preview will be released soon.
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Hiya, Ollie :) I'm starting up an interview movella. If you have any time, I'd love it if you could be interviewed :)
  • WriterManAmbass..

    Going to Print!

    Greetings my fellow readers and writers,

    I must apologise for my lack of communication of late, I have just been so busy and preoccupied with school and the festive goings on. I do however have some news which I believe some of you may find exciting! I am planning the release of the printed edition of Quintessensual! I know that my closest fans have already purchased this as an ebook. But I urge you to get a printed copy as this will have the addition of some wonderful artwork from a very good friend of mine. Please keep your eyes peeled and look out for more information about the release of this. I'm very excited. Are you?

    Ollie Lambert
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (does that display enough excitement? :P ) And, seriously, *puts on teacher voice* you're not allowed to vanish for so long. Go stand in the naughty corner!!
    Haha I'm sorry :P didn't realise anyone noticed I'd gone :D
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Didn't realize anyone noticed you'd been gone? Ollie Lambert, I SWEAR TO GOD I was hoping you'd come online and actually socialized! I missed you, bro!
    Haha missed you too ;)
  • WriterManAmbass..

    Water's Journey

    Hey guys,

    Sorry haven't been around lately. School is just so busy. There is a poetry competition on at school based around National Poetry Day, so I thought I'd use it as an excuse to write something. Please let me know what you think. How you all been lately?
  • WriterManAmbass..


    Whoop Whoop I'm so pleased I'm now an ambassador! It's mega exciting! So now to step into the new role. Obviously if you have any questions please let me know! and also just to let you know I am a publicist ambassador! whoop whoop! I look forward to meeting more of you in the future! :)
    WOw that is great! Thanks scottie. Let me know what she thinks of it! :) x
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    No problem! I'm sure she'll love it :)
    I just wrote a short story for a class assignment. Not sure what to do with it..?
    put it on here and get feedback?
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    ah, I guess. I'll email you about it later. :)
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