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    mumbled "@raiarna ravenclaw"

    @[raiarna ravenclaw] Hi um... I need to say someone thing and its really bothering me. Your Story Fandom School is just like my Story Fandom Academy. Which you commented to be part of. Your story is just like mine with the leaders and everything. Except the name. So you pretty much stole my idea. On movellas it says when you published the story and I checked and you published it after me. If you would of said something about it to me I would of maybe been okay with it but now I'm really mad. You taking my story idea and clamming it as your own. I'm not trying to start drama but I can't ignore the fact that you stole my idea!
    4 years ago
    this counts for both of my accounts @[littlewhitelies13]
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    mumbled "New Story!"

    Tell me what you think:

    Blurb: Some Understand and some don't. I've met tons of people and they don't understand why I left, why I didn't tell someone but I haven't told them everything I have a secret. Like everyone else. But mine is different, its not that I slept with my boyfriends best friend, or that I'm depressed and that I cut. No mine is much worse, if I told anyone I would be that girl that someone finds in the bottom of a lake or ocean.

    The story is called Run Away. Please let me know what you think!
    4 years ago
    For writing it! :3
    4 years ago
    @[HPelainabugDW] your welcome and thank you for the feedback
    4 years ago
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    Updateeee pleaseeee!
    I Talk A Lot Of S*** When I'm Drinking Baby (The Vamps Fanfic)
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    This is actually really good. I thought it was going to be bad but your a really good writer!
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