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Hello :-)

I'm Adrian, and I mostly write scripts. But I like to write all kinds of things, including short stories.

I've started a memoir here, Wellington Terrace, based on my time working in a hostel for homeless people with mental health issues, and my own experiences of having been mentally unwell. I'm fine now, and one of the reasons is writing :-)

  • writebyyourside
    I like the atmosphere you conjure. Perhaps a few too many adjectives for my taste, but that's always a balancing act. I'd be interested in meeting other people passing through the station, at different times of the day and with different moods.
    The Train Station
    The Train Station
    I'm not sure what this is about, but I thought I'd write it anyway! :) Tell me what you think!
    Rob Marvin
    6 years ago
    Ah, thanks! I'll keep in mind the adjectives thing... I do have a tendency of going overboard with that kinda thing! This is a sort of descriptive thing that just happened to appear in my mind... I'm not sure it's gonna turn into a story, but I have one that will -- It's called 'Death and Life'. Check it out if you have time!! Thanks
  • writebyyourside
    Thanks for the kind words. Point taken about the personal statement aspect: the experiences I'm writing about caused me to do some reassessment of what I thought I believed. To that extent, it comes out in the writing, at least in the hostel sections. The other parts, concerning my own adventures in mental health, hopefully balance that tendency.
    A fictionalised account of my experiences supporting homeless people with mental health issues at a charity-run hostel in the Midlands. I learned a lot, about other people and myself. Much of it was good,...
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