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    My names cooper i have blue and black hair my eyes are brown my crush is definetly Harry styles and Niall horan if you could use both that would be amazing thnks
    ~ON HOLD~ One Shot Images (1D, Biebs, Simpson, you name it)
    ~ON HOLD~ One Shot...
    I will write one shots about you and your crush OR about you and the celebrity of your choice! Simply leave a short description of yourself in the comments section below and I will write it as soon as...
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    Cooper,Niall,old friends,first date
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Hey if you want one just comment your name, which guy from 1D, famous or not famous and a LITTLE description of what you want to happen. example-Erin, Zayn,famous, first kiss. Thats all I need to know!!!!...
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