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So, let's get one thing cleared. We are not one but 2 people operating on this account, because everyone needs a break from world domination. We are Prarthana Chaturvedi and Devangana Rathore, and here is a bit about us:

Is a fangirl and avid Directioner, in love with Youtubers Eva ,Lauren,Bethany, Niki and Gabi, and Meg. And lets not forget Harry Styles,(he is not a youtuber). Sees herself as a Youtuber 5 years from now, Diva extraordinaire and as a result, selfie taker of epic proportions, and finally, a writaholic.

Is a fangirl and avid Directioner. In love with anime and book characters,and Niall Horan. Listens to music 24/7, 365 days a year. Is a Cahill, Poetess, public speaker and a Greencloak. Sees herself as a travelling journalist 5 years from now. And finally, a writaholic of magnanimous proportions.

Mostly we write One Direction imagines and one shots, but sometimes we deviate from our main fandom and write for other fandoms as well. So, that's it about us, and maybe you should now go and check out out stories instead of our profiles.

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