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Tall, curly blonde hair and brown eyes. Is a bit quirky, funny and a BOOKWORM! Is a climber, rower and swimmer. Plays the Harp and sings. Loves to write storys and draw manga. Must read every day or will go NUTZ! If anyone disturbs her while reading or writing she will murder you in your sleep!

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    mumbled "Hi Y'all"

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    Hi, this is my first mumble.
    Just want to say thanks to all those who read my story.
    Would be nice to get some comments though.
    Suffering from writers block for the sword fighting scene, any suggestions are welcome and would be very helpful.
    Happy Easter and Good Holidays to all.
    (Yes I am MAD! But as I say, being mad is like be normal........BUT BETTER!!!!!!)
    5 years ago
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    Hi! Guess who! Clue: Muffin Button! How ya doing? In Bus Man, on Movellas. We've got five mins free time. Anyhoo, I'm just saying hiya. Hiya!

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