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  • wondergirl5
    3 years agoReply
    I love this!!! More please
    The Justice Academy
    The Justice Academ...
    After the justice league discovers that villains have their own schools for creating villains, they decide to start their own school for heroes. This year, one Barbara Gordon is forced to enrol by her...
    Catherine Kill
    3 years ago
    I should be updating soon! I was in America and only got back a couple days ago but I promise the next chapter will be up soon!! :D
    Please update love this movella the most. It is amazing. U are such a fantastic writer ��
  • wondergirl5
    3 years agoReply
    Update please!!!!!!
    Birdboy and Eagle
    Birdboy and Eagle
    *Fan fiction to Young Justice, The Son of Batman, and Batman: Under the Red Hood* Katey Wayne is the older sister of Damian Wayne, and is also "Eagle", one of Batman's Proteges. She's one of the Team's...
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