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Haiiiii (n.n)

I like reading, playing video games and listening to music :D

I am a furrie, and a shewolf, different to a werewolf, I do howl at the full moon and behave like a wolf most of the time, but alas, I cannot transform into a wolf. (sad truth g.g)

Some of my favourite things to do are; play video games, draw, paint, read, write, play hide and seek, go walking in the woods, at night is even better, I love the rain, that's why I love Britains weather most of the time, it's usually rainy, sometimes we get snow in the Winter, and winter is my favourite season, especially that time between autumn and winter, when the trees are half bare, red, yellow and orange leaves just scattered around the bases of the trees, snow underneath said leaves and that lovely frame one gets on a house window when the snow settles on the edge of the glass, so beautiful.

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