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    This is really good! Good luck in the competition :) could you please check out my entry??
    Death and Co artEntry for art competition :)
    Death & Co. Art Competition
    Death & Co. Art...
    This is just my entry for the comp. It's not great, but I figured I may as well give it a shot.
    4 years ago
    Sure! I'll check it out right now! :)
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    I got up and dressed then listened to the xmas music my sister put on. Had breakfast then i found the boxes of decorations and dragged them down the stairs.my dad lit the fire as it was blowing a gale outside! I helped my sister make lunch by frying some eggs but they came out slightly dodgy... We then decorated the house whilst my dad took the tree in from outside. It had been the only big tree left, when we went to buy it, and it is massive! It touches the roof so when we decorated it we had to crush the angel on top. My mum fussed about my dad being rubbish at putting the lights on the tree. I took some photos then went to tidy my room. My mum asked me to put my clothes away and handed them to me. when she did i shouted master has given clothes and told her i was a free elf then ran out the room. I came back and began to tidy my room again later. But I ended up getting sidetracked and started to read Harry Potter :D. I did my maths homework (well, most of it). And chatted with my friend. Then watched elf with my family and had dinner. Now watching the X factor finals
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    I nominate sweet melody by sunshineanddrumkits <3

    Sweet MelodyLisa's been dealing with bullying ever since her mum walked out on here five years ago, and she's used to crying herself to sleep every night. She's grown...
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    This is really good! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

    Can you please check mines out (Its not one direction!)
    Harry Potter and the Medusa TeamWhat happens when four strangers walk into a fight between Harry and Voldemort? When they have powers unknown to the magic community and when they happen...
    The Demigod Games
    The Demigod Games
    My entry for the fanfic competition, its a crossover mainly of the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, but there are also some other characters from other books I enjoy reading in here as well. Some things...
    5 years ago
    Its really good i just read it!!!!!! XD Thanx =D
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