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My name is Willow (Full Name: Katherine Willow Madeline Walker), and I'm 13 years old! If you want to get weekly updates on my stories, follow my instagram account, @Movellas_Addict. I will tell you when a new story/chapter is up and just update you on stuff! I am a writer, singer, dancer, actor and much more! I love to write on here and I love your comments too! It let's me know you're reading! I have red hair and bright blue eyes. I posted a picture in my mumbles a while ago if you wanna see it. My Bff in real life and on here is @my.sanity If you guys could follow her that'd be great! If you ever need to talk to me about anything, i'm here to listen. Just email me at willowmadelinewalker@gmail.com. See ya guys later!
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by , Wednesday October 5, 2016

What happened with the guy thing in my last blog

Trust me it's not pretty

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  • WillowW
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    Could I be your editor? If you don't have one?
    Wrong Number
    Wrong Number
    Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to...
  • WillowW
    22 hours agoReply
    texting my bully | lrh
    texting my bully...
    Luke: hey :P Leila: just stay away from me Luke: feisty ;) Leila: how can you text me like nothing happened? Leila: you just potentially ruined my life Luke: does it seem like I care?
  • WillowW
    23 hours agoReply
    This is really good! Could you pleaseeeeee update???
    Holding on
    Holding on
    Carl Grimes and Saige Carson have known each other forever. They grew up together. They were best friends. So when the world turns and tragedy befalls their families, Saige finds herself growing up before...
    22 hours ago
    @[WillowW] Aww, Thanks! That means a lot to me. There should be an update soon!
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    mumbled "Can't choose!!!"

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    So I might be getting one of these dolls that look like real babies but I can't choose between the two pictures below. Comment which one you like best! I need your help!
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