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    You and The hunger games:
    Name: Willow Stone
    District: 4 fishing
    Age: 16
    Apperance: crystal blue eyes, long brown hair, pale skin, some freckals
    Personalitie: feirce, but a light heart, strong but weak, brave and bold all the time
    back story: my dad was drawn for the games a long time ago but was a victor. But when he is a mentor, i hunt for the family while he is away.
    Volentered: i vollentered for my younger sister kris, because i couldnt bear to see her walk to her death so i steped up to do it for her.
    More back story: my brother was in the hunger games too, but he wasnt as lucky as my dad, he was speared through the heart, and this is why i spend most of my nights living in fear.
    You and The Hunger Games
    You and The Hunger...
    *Credit to all who did this before me. * Have you ever wanted to be in the Hunger games? Well now you can.
    4 years ago
    District four is all booked up would you like to pick another district
    4 years ago
    Sure i know this might be late but district 13 and if not then district 7
  • Willow_Marie1825
    Name: Willow Stone
    Age: 12
    Apperance: Brown hair, blue-green eyes
    A Real Life Hunger Games
    A Real Life Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be IN The Hunger Games as a tribute, mentor, or even a stylist? Well now you can(ish! ) Just comment the stuff in the first chapter and you will be entered! It's first come, first serve,...
    Kennedy Shadownight
    What exactly do you want to be, a mentor or stylist?
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