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I'm the type of person who;
-cry while watching Lion King
-scream when the ice cream truck comes
- worries when I lose my mother at the mall
-gets excited over small things

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    mumbled "It Was Fire"

    New novel ALERT!:
    I have the worst luck at telling people I have a new novel. :(
    Can't even make a good opening to a book :'( weehhhh.
    Anyways want to read an excerpt from the first chapter? It actually has no POV but it starts out with one. ENJOY!

    Then this dude came with one of the syringe with glowing liquid, it had an eerie glow to it and with the guy cackling like a maniac the feeling of distress was growing. He injected it in me and a pain in my arm shook my body, some other men held me down. Drool dripped down my chin and my eyes felt like popping off. I felt dizzy, my whole body felt suddenly numb, everything went blurry. My eyes gave out then my ears but before that I heard someone talking. " We will be keeping subject 29 on very close observation. Project 109 is underway..........."
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    mumbled "To be or Not to be!"

    To blog or not to blog, that is thy question!
    Well since your reading this i guess I made up my mind :p

    Ahhh The sweet story of Romeo and Juliet! So heartwarming and romantic! (Am I right girls?!) Though if you actually read that book you'd know that it's a story about a 13 year old and 17 year old who fell in love in three days but then died together.

    Oh, I forgot to say (more likely type), my friend and I were talking to each other and we stumbled upon a Story in another writing site using her account. Her older brother (who was studying about Shakespeare.) came in and read the chapter with us. Out of nowhere he exclaimed, "Did my heart love till now?! Forswear it sight, For I have never seen this beauty till this night!" (though it was in the middle of the day)

    Midnight Rogue
    5 years ago
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    Thanks for fanning ;D
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    mumbled "ᗷᗢﬡᒎᗝᘎᖇ ?"

    $омётнїпg ї₴ щґоиg щїтн му кєуЬоaяd. MaуЬє вєcaц$є Ї accїdєптallу $lєpт ои їт тґуїиg то ₴тцdу fоґ му мaтн тё₴т.

    он ₴оґяу Ї щa$ щїpїпg тнє ₴alїva оff тнє lёттёя₴.
    Wild & Young
    5 years ago
    Can you read this ¿ɟɟnʇs?
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    mumbled "Is it finally spring?"

    Here in Canada (Calgary) the weather is so annoying. It's April but it's just starting to warm up today. Uhhh so cold :(. I wonder how your weather is at our place? I'm missing summer.
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