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Hi, I'm Chloe Wright, I am Wiccan and have a passion for drawing Faeries which I might make into Movellas. I have 2 brothers, Jack and Richard, and a baby sister on the way called Sophia. I also have a black and white cat called Bonnie.
I hope you like my first Movellas, Yes, I am a witch! Deal with it!

  • wiccagirl2000
    I liked it way more than I thought I would, cant wait for an update.
    Fix me
    Fix me
    Living in a mental institute for teens isn't exactly the perfect way to spend your summer, but for Rachel it's just what she needs. Everything about her life so far hasn't worked out, and it's driven her...
  • wiccagirl2000
    More, more, more!
    Cassie had always known she was different, but when a freak accident ends up changing her whole world, all she wants to do is escape from it, from everything, to be someone else. When her friends and family...
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