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    Want a cover?

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    Well, here are my cover examples: http://decimated.imgur.com

    If you would like one, let me know. Please use the form below, though, so it makes it easier for me.




    Short Summary:



    Anything Extra:
    Maria Louise Jensen
    Really love your coveres. Thinking about letting you make one for me. Is these covers made for Wattpad? :)
    4 years ago
    Title: Match Me no Match

    Author: CheekyGeeks

    Celebrity: i prefer just a girl with tattoos in a wedding dress but if you really need a celeb then megan fox

    Short Summary: Bailey Evens' family are match makers. For a while, she had nothing to do with their job because she was too young. Now her Mom and Dad match her with Marcus Kay. They say he's delightful. But Bailey and Marcus hate each other at first site. But it's the law, they must get married and pretend to love each other.

    Genre/Mood: rude, humor, love?

    Colors: old time kind of that faded yellow thing and brown

    Anything else: if you pick megen them have in showing her tattoos please

    thank you
    4 years ago
    Title: Not just best Friends anymore
    Author: Onedirectionislife (me)
    Celebrity: Zayn Malik and a girl with blonde hair
    Short Summary: Zayn and Carter have been best friends for a life time. They've done everything together. There bond is unbreakable, there always there for each other until one day everything changes. Zayn leaves for his first tour and nothing is the same any more. Can they keep there strong bond? Or is it a strong love?
    Genre/Mood: romance/love/friendship
    Colors: Can the colors please be Lighter pink with grey?
    Anything else: Can you make the girl in the cover have blonde hair with dark brown eye?
    Thanks! :D
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