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I love writing. I can't write on this app, but I can write on the website for this app. So YAY! Check out my first Movellas in progress! Thanks!

  • whoivian101
    2 years agoReply
    Finally a story about FOB!!!! :)
    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs *Pete Wentz Love Story*
    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs...
    Taylor Marie Stump is 18 years old. School just ended, and her world famous brother wants to spend time with her. Patrick Stump invites his sister to come live in a house with four guys, one girl, lots...
  • whoivian101
    2 years agoReply
    Will come out with new chapter in 2015!
    Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor
    Enla, The Daughter...
    In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor...
  • whoivian101
    3 years agoReply
    Hi, again! This might be the last one for a while. And it's embarrassing. Title: Metal Author: WHOIVIAN101 Slogan: He gave me a suit. I gave him destruction. Ideas:...iron man, a girl in a metal suit and maybe war behind her? (*hides from embarrassment*)
    Cover Store - Made with Lโ™ฅve
    Cover Store - Made...
    HeartTaunter's covers - Made with Lโ™ฅve.
    3 years ago
    Yeah it was nice! Butyouspelledmynamewrong BUT I CAN FIX THAT! No need! I wouldn't want you to go all out!!! Please don't!
    2 years ago
    Oops! So sorry. I hope you can fix it, but if not, let me know :)
    2 years ago
    I fixed it and its ok! I actually spell it wrong too.
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