Winner of February 2012 Picture Prompt Contest: Smoke
Special Mention in August 2013 'Coldest Girl' Contest: We Prick You

Whitman is a writer and a dad. For thirteen years, he worked with kids in youth offending teams and children's homes. He is now writing a novel about kids with "deviant abilities".

His stories (and poems) are a house of broken mirrors. Whitman also writes no-nonsense advice for Movellians who are serious about improving as writers.

NOTE: Whitman's covers indicate the age ratings of his movellas.
Red covers = lots of grown up stuff and naughty behaviour.
Yellow covers = rude words and references to naughty behaviour.
Green covers = puppies and cupcakes (none of these yet).

Movellas (4)

  • Eat My Word Splurge

    Eat My Word Splurge

    by  Whitman
    10 Feb 12

    If you read nothing else on this site, you must read this. It may save you from committing ritual suicide in front of your...    Read more

  • We Prick You

    We Prick You

    by  Whitman
    10 Oct 13

    "Duke’s what you’d call an older man. I’m what you’d call under-age, only he doesn’t know. He thinks I’m 17." A cautionary...    Read more

  • Super Sonnet Love

    Super Sonnet Love

    by  Whitman
    17 Feb 12

    Love is like a butterfly. It flaps about and then it dies.    Read more

  • Smoke


    by  Whitman
    26 Feb 12

    They say barley smells like beer. I wouldn't know — all I can smell is smoke. Rich, choking smoke. It holds me but I am cold...    Read more

  • Whitman

    NaNoWriMo 2013 - Captain's Log - Final Entry

    The dust has settled. The winner's profile badges have been downloaded. Many proud movellians took on the beast, NaNoWriMo.

    Some struggled, but fell short of the finish line. Fear not. They will rise again, their writing sinews strengthened by the trial they have undergone.

    Many others prevailed. In the final two days, the following movellians added their names to the winners' roster:

    @[Danielle Paige], @[Phosphoro], @[Unitee], @[Annie.G], @[littlemiss111], @[Salamasunny], @[E.H.Weaver] and @[White Ravens]. (If I have missed anyone, please leave a comment below.)

    All of these writers did something amazing. They wrote at least 50,000 words in 30 days. While I'm mighty proud of my achievement, I'm a crusty old git (well, I'm 36, which is pretty crusty). You lot are all ahead of the game! Well ahead. If it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something, all of you took a serious chunk out of those hours last month. Well done, one and all, winners and the valiant fallen.

    Until Camp NaNoWriMo next year!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    HI whitman!!!! my Nano is up for the new year!!!! so if you want to you can place that on the winners list and say that I am STILL doing the Sunday chapter updates!!!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    plus i made my true NANO... nvm all the info is in the blurb for A Generations before!!!
    The Desert Wanderer
    HulksuruHulksuru is a fantasy epic tale, set in an alternate universe. In Hulksuru, fantastical creatures dwell among the many differing humanoid people and vastly...

    Hi there Whitman

    I'd love it if you could offer your opinion on the story. Currently the story is under development and has a lot of plot holes and weak dialogue and just unrealistic stuff. I'm looking for specific areas in the story in which I can really improve it. Its around 62,000 words and its about 54 chapters. Looking for some feedback thats all. Once its finished the story will have a whole revamp as of then. And hopefully I can with my co-author polish it to be the novel it is supposed to be, but for now we're aiming to finish this one off first and then focus on fixing it, though some early feedback would be accpeirated.
    @Whitman will you being doing this again starting tomorrow for Camp NaNoWriMo?
  • Whitman

    NaNoWriMo 2013 - Captain's Log - Days 27 & 28

    Although there are now eleven of us past the finishing line, there are still two days left of NaNoWriMo left and many more movellians who can and should hit 50K in that time. Here's a little breakdown of who needs to do what:

    @[Danielle Paige] -- 578 words
    @[Phosphoro] -- 1,640 words
    @[Unitee] -- 3,333 words
    @[Annie.G] -- 3,739 words
    @[littlemiss111] -- 4,975 words
    @[Salamasunny] -- 5,000 words
    @[E.H.Weaver] -- 5,785 words

    Everyone on this list has a pretty decent chance of finishing, especially as Day 30 is a Saturday. Failure is not an option. Take temporary leave of absence from your lives (on Saturday -- I'm not saying ditch school, college, uni, work, or childcare, obviously). You have come to far to suffer failure.

    There are more of you still writing, I know, but the next nearest movellian would need to write over 6,000 words on each of the remaining 2 days -- not impossible, but extremely difficult. Does that mean you should stop? NO!!! Does that mean you must continue? NO!!! If the novel you were 'entering' in NaNoWriMo is still chewing at your innards, then write at whatever pace suits you. Anyone who has read my movella, Eat My Word Splurge, will know how fond I am of poop metaphors. Well, some people it just slides right out of their backside; other people have to... work at it... a bit... more.

    Now, sit your asses down and GET WRITING!!! (Or don't. No point in straining if you don't need to go -- that way piles lie).

    NaNoTip 27: Introduce something new. You've told the story you wanted to tell. It's 40,000 words long. Now what? 10,000 swear words? 10,000 words of beautiful scenery? NO!!!

    Maybe you've written a novella. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not NaNovellaWriMo, so if you want to win you've got to think bigger. The easiest way to add bulk to a plot is to introduce a new faction. Think the Martells in Game of Thrones, or the nihilists in The Big Lebowski. Importantly, each new faction has to have a goal that conflicts with the protagonist's goal (otherwise they're just fluff). Voila! More scenes. More depth. And, most importantly right now, more words.

    NaNoTip 28: Publishing. Apparently, publishing houses hate December and January these days. Scores of unedited manuscripts get deposited in their offices, fit for little more than mopping up coffee spills.

    While you may have written 50,000 words, you almost certainly haven't written a novel. Not yet. Firstly, unless you are writing for 9-12 year olds, 50,000 words is not a full length novel. Secondly, you have written a first draft only. If this was a comic, you've done the pencils (perhaps not even all of them). No inks, no colours and the script might need adjusting to accommodate the illustrations you've drawn.

    In this respect, it might be better to call what you've just done NaNoWriMo - Part One. There are several parts to follow (more on these in future mumbles). For now, figure out how you're going to finish the first draft (same writing schedule, ease off a bit now you've broken the back of it, or power through to the end). Then schedule some down-time away from the novel. Editing comes next, and there's a lot more to that than can be crammed into one NaNoTip!
    Perhaps an excerpt when I've redrafted, or a fragment to illustrate editing, but I want the novel to be published traditionally. That generally means it can't have been published anywhere else, including writing websites like movellas.
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    Oh, alright. Because the idea you told me was pretty interesting, so i'd want to give it a read. Got rid of those eye-burners?
    Hahaha! Yeah, they're still in place, I'm afraid! What I might do is post stories from the same fictional world, either with different characters or from before the events in the novel.
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    Ah, okay then :D Can't wait to read it then!
  • Whitman

    NaNoWriMo 2013 - Captain's Log - Day 26

    Three big stories today. Firstly, we have three new winners. Raise your celebrating glasses to @[Ks originals], @[Narsin] and @[Whitman]. All three writers have braved terrors, vanquished doubts and triumphed over incredible adversity to reach 50K ahead of schedule. Huzzah! Now... GET BACK TO WRITING!!! (Yes, that includes me!)

    Secondly, with 15 likes, the NaNoWriMo 2013 Winners list is tied as the most popular list on the site. One more like will make it the most popular list outright, so please click the 'like' button (if you haven't already) and share the list with your friends! Everyone on that list has worked unbelievably hard -- it's not possible to write 50,000 words any other way -- and they deserve recognition for it!

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I have taught my 3 year old son how to say "allons-y", albeit in a very peculiar accent. A day of victory for all times!

    NaNoTip 26: Sub-plots. Everyone saw The Day of the Doctor, right? Or any episode of House ever? There is always a sub-plot (in the Day of the Doctor, this was the Zygons). The sub-plot serves three important purposes. Firstly, it reflects the main plot while adding depth to the story. So, the Doctors resolve an apparently impossible stand-off between two warring factions, mirroring the impossible conflict between the Daleks and the Time Lords. Secondly, it allow moments of conflict and triumph, while contributing to the plausibility of the protagonist's final victory (or defeat, if you're writing a tragedy). Thirdly, and most importantly for now, they gobble up words like very hungry caterpillars!

    For my novel, I had two of the characters design a sports day. Simple, multiple scenes, and allows naturalistic character development. Even includes one of the novel's main themes. Perfect! Now... GET WRITING!!!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    how close are you to finishing i am about 9,000 short.
    Molly Looby
    I think I've got about 7,000- 8,000 to go till the book is done. But it could be longer. So far the book's surprised me with how much it's expanded while I've been writing.
    Thanks, @[Molly Looby]! I'm going through what I've got so far, so I can see how much more I'll need. It may be that I need to do another 50K in December (my deadline for a complete first draft is the end of the year).

    Try not to be too hard on yourself, @[Ks originals]. You've written loads this month already. Anything else you write in November is gravy!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    but i am soooo close on finishing this book with 50,000 i want to get it done with the word count so much... :)
  • Whitman

    NaNoWriMo 2013 Update

    938 words to go. I am now going to do one last 30 minute scene surge, following which I will have completed NaNoWriMo 2013. See you on the other side, word splurters!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    that is awsome!!!!!!
    Not as awesome as our new profile pictures! WINNERS!!!
  • Whitman

    NaNoWriMo 2013 - Captain's Log - Day 25

    There are now eight movellians on the cup cake side of the finish line. @[Enya Sanders☕️] joined their ranks today, with a final surge of almost 3,000 words. The quiet rigour that Enya has shown throughout the 25 days is exactly what professional writers are made of, so hats off to her (assuming you haven't thrown them into a time rift or something...).

    In other NaNoNews, @[MiniMoxx] has crept past the 100K mark. That's over 4,000 words a day for 25 days straight. Incredible. And there are now 21 movellians who have written at least 30,000 words so far. Also incredible. Between us, this little community has spewed out over a million words towards forty different novels. Whether you've written 100,000 words or 1,000 words, you are part of a community of writers that WRITES, damn it!

    NaNoTip 25: A little history. Around about this time in the month, you might be getting a bit sick of writing your novel. You've tried every oddball obstacle you can think of. You've switched perspectives, from earthworm to God's own balcony. So, how about a change of pace? All stories have back story. Stuff that happened just before, or way, way back.

    This is a chance to place your story in a living, breathing world. Whether high fantasy, sky high sci-fi, or high school romance, your story is not the only thing that ever happened in the world you are creating. So try writing a story within a story. It could be a creation myth, an apocalypse myth, or just a story about how that piece of cheese got stuck to the playground. The change of pace will help you recharge, and the story will add depth to your novel, even if the story doesn't make the final cut.
    K.s Nightshade originals
    I am writing the backstory for my nano :) that is what the book is partly about that and a intro sorta to another
    K.s Nightshade originals
    also unoffical 50,000 now to finish up on getting my 5,000 words a day to get the creed A Gen. done
    Enya Sanders☕️Ambass..
    Thank you! By the way, your square bracket tip on Day 22 really helped me when I was writing at school and couldn't think the right word XD
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