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Winner of February 2012 Picture Prompt Contest: Smoke Special Mention in August 2013 'Coldest Girl' Contest: We Prick You Whitman is a writer and a dad. For thirteen years, he worked with kids in youth offending teams and children's homes. He is now writing a novel about kids with "deviant abilities". His stories (and poems) are a house of broken mirrors. Whitman also writes no-nonsense advice for Movellians who are serious about improving as writers. NOTE: Whitman's covers indicate the age ratings of his movellas. Red covers = lots of grown up stuff and naughty behaviour. Yellow covers = rude words and references to naughty behaviour. Green covers = puppies and cupcakes (none of these yet).

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    mumbled "Lost souls updated "

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    So I have updated a movella of mine 'Lost Souls' where I have included the improvements from the comments below ( thank you @[NathanielStanley] and @[Whitman] and added chapter three hopefully I will add chapter four in a couple of days. Please check it out and any more improvements/suggestions will be much welcomed :)
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    I don't know how active he's been this past year, but @[Whitman] has been very helpful to me personally with his feedback and written several really good articles about how to write good stories!

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    hi whitman i know it had been a while since we had messiged each other and i was wondering if you can put The Creed A Generations Before on your list of winners since i am now updating it here is the link
    The Creed A Generations Before{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine...

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