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I love reading books it's totally awesome. haven 33 fan and proud of it.Thanks For fanning MeY'all

  • enchantixreaderhexcelent
    would like to see this progress
    She's Not Afraid >> z.m
    She's Not Afraid...
    One Direction is not famous. "You're the promise that I keep." Emery's not afraid of all the attention. Emery's not afraid of running wild. But how come she's so afraid of falling in love? Emery...
  • enchantixreaderhexcelent
    seriously like a prison
    The Fence
    The Fence
    The large brick building growing dark green creatures, and forests of weeds in the back but the front with newly painted skin and flowers kissing the dark air, a sign painted with the name "St.Jeffersons,...
    The Girl Who Waited
    What do you mean :P
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