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My Life with Anxiety

by , Monday October 10, 2016
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 My Life with Anxiety

For World Mental Health Day (10th October)

I've been meaning to write this blog for a while and finally decided to publish today!

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  • White Ravens

    mumbled "News!"

    2 months agoReply
    So bits and bobs of news:
    My final year of uni starts next week ah! So much hard work will need to be done but I'm looking forward to the fun times too :))
    I went to Paris for a week which was so much fun to finish off the summer holidays! Loved it :D
    Hopefully I'll get back round to finishing my entry to the reincarnation competition but there's been so much going off recently I've had little time to sit down!
    I also got engaged two week ago! I'm still on such a happiness high :D It's so exciting!
    Hope everyone enjoyed the summer! :D
  • White Ravens

    mumbled "400 Followers!"

    3 months agoReply
    After five years on Movellas, I've just hit 400 followers! I can't believe it! :D Movellas has helped my writing so much over the years. I've not been on a lot recently because of uni and I've been writing novels rather than short stories on here, but I've published a couple of new movellas recently which have been fun :)) As much as I love my current novel in progress, it's nice to prove to myself I can still think up new stories and new characters and write new stories despite working only on one for the past year or so :P It did worry me I'd never have inspiration for another story again since I've been stuck working on one for so long! But yeah side tracking, thanks to all my followers! :D
    Book Maker
    3 months ago
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  • White Ravens
    3 months agoReply
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    Amazing work! Definitely can tell you've put a lot of work into this :)
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    Chrissy Sky
    3 months ago
    Haha I did! Thank you! ^.^
  • White Ravens
    3 months agoReply
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    Can't wait to read more!
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    Lily Anna
    3 months ago
    Thank you for reading and commenting :)
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