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Hi my name is Hannah They call me whipcream girl because i LOVE whipcream !! I love one direction ,Little Mix,Justin timberlake , Demi ,Ke$ha and alot more !!! I am a cheerleader *Spirit *!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Zayn girl and a Niall girl my favorite color is pink,green,blue Ilike doing gymnastics i love animals when i grow up i want to be a singer on the x factor or a model i love fashion i have blue eyes blonde hair i love music so please enjoy my movellas thanks~Hannah aka Whipcream girl∞

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    Hi i am Hannah my hair is blonde i like Zayn Malik my eyes are blue can i have it with Zayn THANKS!
    imagines :)
    imagines :)
    hey everyone these are some imagines ! and if you want one comment your hair color,eye color , height , age , boy you want it with and what you want to happen!
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    mumbled "sharing a story with me!?"

    does any body have an idea for a book that they want to share with me,a new story cause i would like to help you with idea's and if you are a big fan of my storys then sharing a story with me is a good thing so i'll help you with your story thanks
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    Listen guys i am the one who made this story and i am not kiding around but i am sorry if you liked ready this story but i had to get a new facebook so it delet my storys and my profile but i got a new acont for it so i am sorry but if you liked this story i made a story called the lose o f the two boys part 2 so if you read the end of this story read the lose of the two boys part 2 so i am sorry.
    The lose of the two boys
    The lose of the...
    A girl named Hannah and her friend Joleyna just went in the park and found two boys walking around in the park when they run into each other after them ran into each other Hannah and Joleyna's life start...
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    I wondered if i could be in the story once in the story i could be your friend or something else but i am a huge fan of you and i would be proud if i could be in the story well thanks
    Forever Or Never
    Forever Or Never
    You think you may know their story. But who are they really? There is a lot you don't know about them and they are for more deadlier than you think, and soon two girls find out and their lives will never...
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