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  • whenIwasayoungmeerkaaaaat
    Hoy, I played the Slender game app on my phone; consequently didn't sleep for around three days. Thank ye. I hope your umma is better, still haven't seen you at college so I'm presuming she's not. Inshallah she gets better. I think this is private message D: crap if it's not. Baaah braah
  • whenIwasayoungmeerkaaaaat
    How do I favouritise this. It's lawfleh
    Sonnet: "If only small pleasures could entertain..."
    Sonnet: "If only...
    Guys, pls suggest stuff for the next sonnet. Its fun writing these xDD
    Midnight Rogue
    5 years ago
    lol, You press the button under the cover or [if you mean like] its the tinie tiny green button in the right corner. Suggest stuff, sonnets are awesome xDD
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