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Hello there!
I am @Jade.P but for the ones that love fan fictions...
I write fan fictions mostly that my friends ask me to write.
Why not fan both my accounts? Or if not, just one is awesome :)
What more do you want to know?
Feel free to fan, like my movellas, favourite and everything else positive you can do!
I started this account for my best friend Ellie. She always has amazing ideas but can't seem to write them, so I basically collect her ideas and write the stories for her! So a big thank you to her for being so amazing!
Have any ideas? I love to hear from you whether it be critiscm, compliments or fan fiction ideas!
I think I've used to many exclamation marks, so whilst I go fix that I hope you will go read my movellas...

  • whatthefanfiction
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    Hi Lily!
    Its @[Jade.P] with a new account that has been requested. Can you make a cover for me?

    Title: Lucky Girl
    Author: whatthefanfiction
    Genre: Fan Fiction
    Link: Not published yet, sorry!
    Ideas: It is a 5SOS fan fiction so something to do with them and a girl? Or some stars or hearts or something romantic.

    I can't remember if you can do fan fiction covers, if you can't don't worry, please tell me but if you can thank you!
    Take all the time you need XD
    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]
    Lily Anna's Cover...
    Welcome to Lily Anna's Cover Store! :) If you would like a cover please read the info page first and fill in the details I will need. Please follow the rules and be polite. :) I believe in quality and...
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    Your cover is done! :-)
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    It's fantastic! Thank you so much!
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    Thanks! No problem! :-)
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