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Just a basic bitch waiting to be heard...lol u want to trade memes??
If we become friends or something like that expect a lot of trashy jokes,puns, and memes!
How old are you? 14 but act like I'm 5
Grade level? 9th grade
House Adress? Um it's 196 poles drive in Homer, Alaska
Nudes? umm... how about no?
Snapchat? Instagram? Facebook? Yes but no because i don't know you!


by , Wednesday October 26, 2016

Who am I?

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    mumbled "well."


    my turn
    Beautifully Music Nerd
    9 months ago
    (in order) I don't even know haha. my family,my best friends, and my camera. I think cheating is not okay. I like a little of everything. I would but only once maybe. I have one, my sister. I'm insecure about my body. You lol. I like boys more than girls but yes I do like both. You idiot. Yes, i am. Of course, I love you @[Lol.Okay]
    9 months ago
    swearing and eating fast foods. My family,My best friends, and my camera. Fall because sweater weather also spring because of beautiful flowers. To become something successful for my future kids.
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    mumbled "Am i beautiful?"

    You are beautiful just the way you are. You don't need makeup. Your body is perfect. You don't need to starve yourself. Your breast and butt are perfect the way they are. You don't need ANY plastic surgery. Your flaws are what make you unique don't change them because somebody will love those flaws even if you think they are awful they aren't as bad as you think. Are you beautiful? Of course. Pls like this and post a positive comment to one or multiple of your friends. Also, post a photo of yourself with one or more things that you love about yourself tag me with the photo.
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    mumbled "Aly here"


    Hi my name is Aspen but I like to go by Alyssa or Aly (that's my middle name) Anyway would anyone likw to write a story together?
    BabyGirlBooo ❤️
    Your so pretty x
    I would love to write a book with you
    10 months ago
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    Thank you! I'm currently working on a book but if you want we can write another together just tell me when
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