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  • what am i even doing here
    like my time in the fandom ended when you stopped updating (i apologize profusely for how weird this sounds) and basically the whole point of this was to ask how you were planning to end the story?? bc i know this is gonna bother me now that i remembered it. again v sorry for this this is so yikes

  • what am i even doing here
    yo ok ik this is gonna seem so weird i honestly feel weird doing it but i'm just gonna dive right in

    so back when i was neck deep in this fandom i was obsessed (OBSESSED) with a story you posted on a 1dff site (i promise i'm not an internet creeper, at some point you'd posted a story there and said you posted it here as well) and i cannot for the life of me remember what it's called but i remember it followed a girl named bec (ring a bell?) and i don't know how this happened but for some reason it just popped into my mind today and i had all these flashbacks to when i read it and it felt
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