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My name's Jay and I'm just a lad in love with the world.

I'm a teenager with a burning passion for life. I love the world, and all the beauty it holds. I love science, and the beautiful insanity that lies within the mechanics of our universe. I love art, and the ability to create, to me, is a drug; the most addictive there is. I love all sorts of art; be it drawing, painting, writing, music, etc.

I'm a film and book junkie- I love literary and theatrical arts. Same goes for music, I would say. I have a thing for the outdoors and I enjoy trekking very much.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it. I'd love to get to know other writers and get critique on my work, so if you want to be friends, why not leave a comment :3

My deviantART profile, where you can view my drawings and paintings---->

I also have a fluffy and fat cat by the name of Lulu. That is all. :)

  • West Arctic Wind
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    This is really quite a brilliant story! Very interesting concept, and the execution is great. :D I love the characters and how easy it is to connect to them. The only criticism I would give is that the pacing seems a little rushed at times (my advice would be to take a little more time in describing events as they happen and not go through them too quickly), but overall it's a great story that I enjoyed thoroughly and I look forward to more ^_^ And thanks for checking out my story!
    Project GAIA
    Project GAIA
    CC welcomed :) WARNING- Contains scenes of a violent nature. Harley wakes up at the Facility, with no memory of her life before. She is told that she is one of a small percentage of humans with special...
    Sam Banks
    5 years ago
    aww thank you :) i really loved the idea behind your story too, and thanks for the criticism- will definitely bear it in mine :) x
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