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  • Weasleygirl8
    Can't wait to read it!! Sounds awesome and action packed!
    No Wizard Left Behind
    No Wizard Left Beh...
    In the world of Harry Potter, Harry's kids are off the Hogwarts for their magical education. James, Albus, and Lily are all ready to learn magic alongside of Ron and Hermione's kids as well as Neville's,...
  • Weasleygirl8
    It's a really good story idea, but it was a little hard to read with no punctuation marks, hope to read more if it!
    back to the battle of Hogwarts
    back to the battle...
    Albus and rose accidentally broke the time turner and they end up in the battle of Hogwarts they begin to search for their parents to ask them if they can fix the time turner but the battle starts to get...
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