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  • waywardsonscarryon
    hi I have a question I'm new to movella and really want to do this competition, I just don't know where to sign up or how to enter a book or books. I know it ends the 12 so I really want to learn what to do soon. thanks so much:)
    Flash Fiction: Disease
    Flash Fiction: Dis...
    My first entry for the flash fiction competition, Fifty word limit.
    Le Fox
    3 years ago
    Hi! Sorry for a slightly late reply.

    Okay, so if you are using the app, you need to go to the side menu on the left and press the 'new movella' button. Then when that comes up, tap the plus sign, fill in the required information (blurb, rating, and genre), then press the bit that says 'new chapter' and write your story, though make sure it is right for the competition guidelines, before tapping publish. To enter it via the app, go to the home bit on the app, scroll along the top bit, until it comes to the flash fiction bit. Tap it, scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a green button that says 'enter story'. You might have to sign in first, with your email and password, then after that you should be taken right to the bit where you can enter novellas written since the start date, choose the one you want to enter, tap enter and viola!

    For the website, it is much the same, except you need to click your profile picture and then 'new movella'. Then fill in info, click save, go to the bit saying 'chapters', write your story, then once you're done, click 'save and publish'. To enter, go to the competitions tab at the top of the screen, at the side there will be a bit saying 'flash fiction', click that, then the process is the same once you click enter this competition at the side. :)

    Hope that made sense. Let me know if you need any help in the future! :)
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