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  • Wanda Peace
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    I like it, I really do, I like the names of the characters and I love the name Tate, I like your sense of.. Humor, but I got confused when Zara was telling Tate about the bus stop, I did find it funny, but I had to read it like 3 times. I especially like how at The end of chapter 3 she 'shape-shifts' to look like Zara, it makes me want to read on,
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    The Boy Next Door.
    The Boy Next Door.
    Zara is a typical teenage girl with a wild sense of humour, as the beggining of the story starts of serious, the humour weves its way in. When Zara starts dreaming about the boy that moves in next door...
  • Wanda Peace
    6 years agoReply
    I like your story line. Your sense of humor.. Is. Unique. Lol.
    I like how she has a spitting problem. I've never come across that before, and how she has freaky obsessions.
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    Wishing I Wasn't A Mutant
    Wishing I Wasn't...
    Alora is new in town. she's really weird. Most of the time she'll daydream in the middle of a conversation, or say and even think the most pathetic things. she has an obsession with skin, eyes, teeth,...
    6 years ago
    yes, yes it is rather funny.
  • Wanda Peace
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    I like how you write from experience. And I know how you feel about your little brother. For this you get a like and a favorite
    Little brother trouble
    Little brother tro...
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