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Hiya, My name os VoiceOfAngels1 (VOA1) and I love writing. I have a FanFiction.net acount by the same name and this is the first site I have joined to write my own material.

I very much enjoy writing based on insperation - i.e youtube videos, other fanfics or art, so if you want to me write a story based on a peice of your work or someone elses (with their permition) then I would be very much obliged to do so.

If you want to do a collaboration then feel free to contact me. :)

So generally, any questions or requests contact me!

Also, please review because then I know what you guys do and don't want from me! (God, that sounded pleady) but it is true! I really appreciate your feedback - good or bad!

I also now have a facebook page to make it easier for you to contact me about my work. www.facebook.com/VoiceOfAngels1

(By the way I'm not really 104, must be a glitch!)

  • VoiceOfAngels1
    Just wrote my poem!!!! FInally, something for us poets!!!
    6 years ago
    could you read my while you are here and poke summers- i would appreciate it if you could :D no worries if you cant :D
  • VoiceOfAngels1

    mumbled "Impossible?"

    Was watching Doctor Who and came up with the idea of a poem about impossible-ness? Anyway, I did it on my smartphone so please forgive the laziness and also any mistakes I've made. Hope you enjoy. VOA1 xx
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