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To all you curious onlookers who have stopped to stalk me, I am most flattered.
If you havn't already guessed, I live in the dreary settings of England. Blahh.

I love to read.

I love to write.

I love to sing.

I play the piano.

I love performing arts.

I love Ashley Banjo and Diversity (Youtube them)

My favourite singer is Akon, But i love Maverick Sabre&Charice&Deidrick Haddon&One Direction.

I have countless favourite books,but I love Divergent by Veronica Roth

I have Acrophobia; fear of heights.

I've never ever been to a funeral before. Which is a good think I suppose.

I love writing about issues in people's lives.

I have a respect for people you've had to deal with cancer or know someone who has.

Well that's me, I'd love it if you read my stories<3



  • VivWritesBooks

    mumbled "Finished!"

    I have been working on writing a book for ages now, first of all I've been publishing them on another site (Wattpad) but don't seem to get as much feedback as I'd like. Finally I've finished writing a book which i hope to be proffesionally handled one day :) I may think about posting it on Movella, who knows?
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