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  • vivienne_fleming
    Love this - please update! Any chance you could give mine a read? Ta X

    But I'm in Love With YouIf I could burn my memories, I would. If I could take a lighter to a series of photographs and words and music and everything I associate with him, I would...
    Life of a EX Eleanor Calder
    Life of a EX Elean...
    No one has heard from Emma for over two years. After the biggest misunderstanding of her life, she ran away raising her daughter on her own. But somehow Louis gets in contact with his best mates EX and...
    5 years ago
    I will when I have the time!! :) Xx
  • vivienne_fleming
    This is so brilliant! Good luck with it :)
    Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Casey is a teenager with an amazing will to succeed. She is an incredible runner and is determined to enter a marathon. However it is not that easy. Her world is upturned as her friend's life begins to...
    5 years ago
    Thank you!! :)
  • vivienne_fleming
    This is rather good ;)
    Zayn's Little Princess
    Zayn's Little Prin...
    Sarah Emily Smith was just an ordinary girl. There wasn't anything special about her, well at least that's what he thought. But when One Direction come to the store she worls at, will Zayn see something...
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