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    ATTENTION EVERYONE! It has been more than a year since I was on here and I am SO sorry! I really want to get more serious into my writing so tell me if you want to to continue any of my story's or just start all new ones? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.
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    I LOVE THIS SO Much!
    Detention // A 5SOS Fan Fiction
    Detention // A 5SO...
    What happens when the five baddest kids in school are stuck in detention all summer long? A little rebellion, some betrayal, and maybe some romance.
  • 1dand5sosgirl
    Haven't updated in 4 months... Um just let me know if anyone wants me to even continue this. A lot of people are reading this which I'm sooooo happy about buying if they even like it
    Why me?
    Why me?
    Aphrodite has a secret that she cant tell anyone! The only one who knows is her mom and little brother Britton. It has always been hard to trust people because of her secret. When she gets a matchmaker...
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    Pease update more!
    Abducted by them **(NEW VERSION PUBLISHED)**
    Abducted by them...
    Brooke, a 17 year old girl, has an argument with her parents causing her to wonder off through the park to take her mind off things. "Who hangs around at the local park at 8:49pm on a Sunday night?" She...
  • 1dand5sosgirl
    UPDATE PLEASE I love this
    Happy Little Pill ▲ Styles a.u
    Happy Little Pill...
    Harry Styles is a twenty-three year old University student who believes that girls, alcohol, drugs, sex, and money make the world go round; at least for him, that is. That's where Carter comes in. Sweet,...
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