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    Hey! I hope I am not too late to join this! Please read my second chapter, its called "Bring darkness the to the light and light to the darkness"! Thank you so much to all of you who do! :)
  • Vittoria Phoenix
    I hope I am not too late to submit my chapter two! :P
    In The Sky
    In The Sky
    The opening chapter to the branching contest. There is something in the sky, something that might mean Izalla's boring life is about to change... forever.
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    Wow, this is intense. Is she going to kill herself? Damn, let me know when you update more! Would you mind reading my own novel? And btw, except for miss spelling Bible, and a couple of verb errors, you grammar is perfect. :)
    COMPLETED: Blood & Tears, Abigail
    COMPLETED: Blood...
    Finally. After five years with the deadly disease anorexia Abigail gets hospitalised. Luckily Abigail survives the dangerous disease that almost took her life. The doctor notes Abigail healthy, but they...
  • Vittoria Phoenix
    This is so good! Please update it soon I can't wait to see what happens next! :o Would you mind reading the first chapters of mine? :P Thank you! :)
    Forever falling
    Forever falling
    A novel I am currently working on! Ali Parker has been hidden away from the world her whole life, only able to dream of what lyes outside the safe confines of her home. However, when destruction strikes...
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    thank you!! i'll try and write more but i can't promise anything:/ sure thing!!
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