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    Development of any industry is experiencing technology issues that will bottleneck, especially as this type of LED display lighting from Only producers face up to the problem, in order to promote the development of the entire industry.

    The outdoor environmental requirements LED display to be in sunny, cloudy, rain and snow weather, long-range, multi-perspective can ensure the adequate brightness to convey information. Under the premise of the same cost, the higher the brightness of the display, the more "energy", the more value! And gradually became their feedback to the customer's value "price" advantage.

    This large-size LED chip as the mainstream market by most LED display manufacturers widely used, there is no core technology at all. High brightness LED lamp must be accompanied by high attenuation, low and stable characteristics. High attenuation LED display is not conducive to long-term requirements, will become the excessive pursuit of high brightness birth defects.

    There are no technology issues. Although this problem still exists in the same color region LED in the same batch difference, and this difference is difficult to escape the naked eye picky, making it difficult to ensure the LED display's color reducing and technology issues.

    Now please look at this outdoor LED display:

    The outdoor LED display is a new media. As for the LED display unit is concerned, tricolor LED die is the core device, so you should use a small wavelength difference and the luminous intensity consistency and good quality of the die, and such technology is mainly in the hands of world-renowned companies.
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