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I like to draw and sign
Im not very good at writing stories

  • viriLove4ever
    this is quite a good story n it will sure become better as it advances ��
    Castiel's Diary
    Castiel's Diary
    I'm Castiel Shadownight. Read on if you want to hear more about my crazy life.
  • viriLove4ever
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    this story seems intresting ��
    i want to read it all when its finished
    i will for sure read every chapter of it
    The Unknown Legend
    The Unknown Legend
    Stella Gia Eagan is a tomboy. She loves things that boys love like cars, fighting, sports and other stuff. Her best friend, Audrey is the complete opposite but they are some how they are able to co-exist...
  • viriLove4ever
    thats a good start ��
    u should keep writing it
    What If
    What If
    What if... Harry was put into Slytherin? Hermione in Ravenclaw? Ron in Hufflepuff? Draco in Gryffindor? What would happen? How would things change? Maybe they would. Maybe they won't. Maybe... Just maybe,...
  • viriLove4ever
    u are a really amirable n kind person to do this book
    i hope that more people like u exist in this world to actually help society on what they can n make things easier n safer
    i would like to try n make more people to read this because it could help a lot
    keep on being yourself ��
    My Social Experiment
    My Social Experime...
    The Cyberbullying experiment with Movellas.
  • viriLove4ever
    i think the story needs more details n be longer
    u should make like the characters care more about what they r doing n show more emotion in them for example when she got to know that niall was the father to be happier like:
    i coudnt belive my ears
    this should be some kind of joke
    but seconds later i realized it wasnt a game n now i have niall's child inside of me
    ( its not that good but i think u could make it better)
    also to put more events on the story cuz it feels like everything happens so fast n dont know if its even possible to be realistic
    n lastly u should have put a more realistic topic but i actually think this is a good n intresting one n i like it but most people r disturbed by this
    either way i hope u read this n keep on writing ur movella no matter what others say i hope im being of help by putting this comment ��
    good luck!!
    The pregnancy project (Niall horan fanfiction) *on hold*
    The pregnancy proj...
    'Teen girls forced to get pregnant to pass health class for graduation.' . . . '15 girl are forced to get pregnant by boys in their class and celebrities Niall horan and Harry styles.' . . . 'In...
    tumblxr princess
    4 years ago
    Umm this comment is to long for me to read rn. It really late and I'm sleepy. I'll read this later
    Pink Dress
    4 years ago
    Okay I halfy read this, it needs more emotion? Okay I understand that, then you said you wanted it to be more realistic. If you read a few comments below I already mentioned its not getting any more realistic, were not shooting for realistic, its a fan fiction. We get some are disturbed by this, we don't understand why since its very low mature content but some are very sensitive, if you are sensitive to the story, then just don't read it. There are plenty more disturbing stories than ours out there.
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