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Hey guys, Its vicky here and i'm kinda new so its kinda hard to get the feeling that when u make a story no one is kind enough 2 give feedback but its alright. *Signs* Anyway, welcome to me!

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    mumbled "Pretty lil liars show"

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    who watches pretty lil liars. season 6 will soon be out! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!
    3 years ago
    I love pll! and Im not a fan on horror, I tend to have nightmares about it. So I don't like it :) But doctor who to me is alright. Its not AMAZING!
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    Omg wow! I'm speechless!! It is so interesting! Who knew her dad was a killer. Actually, I got that feeling when he let Mary suffocate in the closet.
    Pretty Dolls
    Pretty Dolls
    Mary lives an isolated existence in the middle of a forest. Her only company is her widowed father and her friend Molly, who her dad insists isn't real. Her father behaves strangely sometimes, such as...
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