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I am 16 years old as of August 5, 1996. I have a different style then most people and not everybody likes me. I like screamo music as well as pop and One Direction is my life. My two Favorites are Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan. And yes the picture in my profile picture is the real me.

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    OMG continue!!!
    It's in His DNA
    It's in His DNA
    WARNING: Sexual References Throughout Story! I can’t help but observe him as he plays out this routine every single time we have sex, he then slips his shirt over his head and walking back over to my...
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    Hey! The names Victoria!:) or TORIBEAR:) which ever you wanna call me is fine:) I have red and black hair! (Red on top, black underneath) and it's curly but I wish it was like completely straight and longer! It's only like3 inches past my shoulder!! I wish it was down my back!! Okay umm I have hazel eyes! They change from baby blue to bright green to grey!!:) I know so cool right!!?? Anyways I have 17 piercings (4 in my right ear, 6 in my left, nose, septum, snakebites, belly ring, tongue, and smiley.) I have 3 tattoos. Two Dino's on my hips and a frog on my shoulder. I'm 5 foot 4 inches and I love to wear heels! Like all the time! Zayn Malik and Niall Horan are my favorite one Direction members!! And I like to write my movellas mostly pointed towards them!!:) but I would love one to be written about me and Zayn!;) ;)!!
    one direction imagines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one direction imag...
    comment me your hair color . eye color , personality , age , and of course the boy you want!!!!!! : )
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    I promise I will update tomorrow when I get on my laptop!!! I am dying to log back in and write!!
    Life's Like A Box Of Chocolates
    Life's Like A Box...
    Anabella has had the dream life. Nice cars, cute dogs, cute boys, rich with a nice big house but she isn't happy. She doesn't have good friends, she never gets to see her parents and she is always alone....
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    No!!! That can't be the end!!
    Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+
    Lie To Me (A 1D...
    Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...
    6 years ago
    Worry not, there'll be a sequel. Thanks for reading :) xxx
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    Okay so beinghonest I am getting really bored with this Movella and I am gonna start a new one so I can start to form some more ideas for this one. If you have any ideas you want to be put in this story tell me and if you want to be in the next story just tell me in the comments and I will do my best to put you or your ideas in it.
    Give Me The Chance To Love You
    Give Me The Chance...
    Victoria Marie Jones (Ria Maria) has not had an easy life. Her parents and sisters died in a car crash when she was 16, her other family doesnt care about her, and she is sick of it. when Ria graduated...
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